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Transform Personal Growth|Leadership Skills|Team Trust Building|Higher Performance Skills|Positive Habits Development|Masterclass Training.


Inspiring Positive Transformations & Motivations  To Make You a Better You & Fulfilled You


  • Are you really ready to learn the structure that will change your life forever? 

  • Do you want to learn more about using The Law of Attraction to live in ease and flow and consistently bringing you the people, circumstances and opportunities you need?

  • Imagine creating a Magical Mindset, feeling in control of your emotions, your mental state and building a better way of  life. 

  • Learn how to listen to your Inner Guidance for the fastest route to everything you want.

  • Understand clearing blocks and resistance towards the things you want.   

  • Design a lifestyle you truly deserve and be the best version of YOU in it. 

  • This platform goes way above the books and webinars, learn how to truly reshape your current reality and change your circumstances. 

  •  Access high level mindset awareness, spiritual teachings and universal guidance. 

  •  This is Deliberate Development of Wealth, Health and Success Consciences.

  •  You will gain the confidence you need to live your highest purpose.

Your WillPower-Fit Mental Health Coach WILL REGIE is open-minded, positive, non-judgemental and results-oriented, you will get support, challenge and also achieve positive Mental Health awareness that stretches you to get the best out of you and achieve greater height with your potentials and ownership of your achievements.

“Most achievers know the benefit of having an experienced coach as a coach and also having the right team around them, from professional advice and focussing on achieving higher performance through support, guidance, motivation, and encouragement, which is key to success”.

I empower and motivate individuals and organisations to Develop, Improve, Grow, and Succeed. Your Personal, Transformational ,Confidence, leadership & executive coach will support, challenge & develop your personal leadership skills, confidence & leadership strategies, with enhancement of organisational skills, business acumen & financial management, social & communicational skills, analytic and innovative thinking capacities,  and collaborative working platform to inspire trust & commitment to actions inspiring Positive Transformations, Growth, Change and Success.I am dedicated to providing the support you need to discover your greatest self! 


  • If You want to transform your leadership life to become a better you
  • If You are facing a specific leadership challenges that needs a change
  • If You are having a challenge at the working place and you wishes to perform more effectively and successfully at work
  • If you're struggling to overcome emotional barriers, limiting beliefs, and painful memories which are holding you back from achieving your goals,
  • If You want to explore aspects of your personal/professional life, where you want guidance

  • If You want to develop tools and techniques to rewire negative thinking and procrastination

  • If You want to build confidence and improve self-awareness to identify your leadership passion

  • If You want to identify what motivates you to empower you to make better decisions as a leader

  • If You want to develop your leadership skills and learn to face difficult and challenging situations

  • If You want Create SMART goals, which help you achieve your leadership potentials

  • If You  have been having a challenge on how to achieve a goal
  • If You want to improve yourself but not sure how to achieve it
  • If You want to overcome your procrastinating nature to a personality of talk and do
  • If You  want to achieve clarity in life but don’t know how to prioritise your values
  • If You are having a leadership challenge on how to build up confidence and be able to motivate your team
  • If You are starting and running a business that needs confidential guidance to prioritise and develop and grow your business successfully
  • If You are not happy with your lifestyle and need a change
  • If You want to identify the current state (A) and develop a desired future state (B)

  • If You want to explore the gap in-between and how to get from A to B

  • If You want to investigate and source solutions to get from A to B

  • If You want to identify and analyse the risks (and opportunities) in getting from A to B

  • If You want to map processes to eliminate and control the risks

  • If You want to measure the success and record experiences

How I Work

I have been helping hundreds of people who feel ‘stuck’ in life through my workshops and one-to-one sessions and if there is something I can guarantee you is that very few say “I wouldn’t change anything in my life”.
That just means that most people haven’t figured out WHY they are in this life and WHAT their contribution to the world is.
To find the answers to these questions how I can help you, I push buttons. I’m edgy, I am honest and direct (too direct). I get to the bottom of your dreams and blockages by asking powerful searching challenging questions to help you to achieve clarity about your pressing issues and the ways you can overcome it and achieve your heart desires. I work to achieve results and to really see transformational changes. My standard package consists of 6 face-to-face sessions and unlimited support between sessions. How quickly you use your sessions is completely up to you, although generally this takes 3-4 months. I also offer an excellent coaching service from my consulting office in Brentwood over the phone or via Skype across the UK, Europe, America, and Africa etc.


Focuses include, but are not limited to: Addiction, Business Coaching, Family, Finances, Health, Personal Development, Relationships, Spirituality, Career Consulting, Leadership Development, Professional Career Advancement Services, and Corporate Services. Your preference and personal flexibility will determine the frequency of our sessions.

I Will Inspire & Take you further, faster
from personal-leadership-Positive Habits Development-Executive higher performance growth to wealth creation.

Contact me to schedule your initial consultation in order not to be dissapointed.
Phone: 00447828108353, 00441277226775 (please note, I don’t answer calls from withheld numbers)
I always reply within 48 hours.
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