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Master Class Individual-Group Training-Coaching 




Bespoke to your individual needs: Times to suit your calendar, and time-scale to suit you too:
Discounts on multiple bookings​​


Limited to a maximum of 10, group coaching follows the same structure as Private Coaching, with the added benefit of group interaction and different perspectives. Group Coaching is conducted by Webinar, Teleconference, or other online tools and Sessions are 75 min to 90



One of the single most effective “success-accelerators” is one-on-one life coaching. You and I will meet in person where we will work together through a highly effective and proven program that will support you in accelerating your results and achieving your goals and dreams. Together, we will: Blueprint Your Life Vision, Bridge the Gap between Your Current Life and Your Ideal Life, Build an Action Plan to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams! More times than not, individual clients are amazed at how much they’ve achieved in such a short period of time. Sessions are 45 min to an hour.


I present 2 workshops: The WillPower-Fit Success Workshop: 6 Steps to Creating Better Results: WillPower-Fit Leadership Vision workshop: 6 Keys to Unlock Your WillPower-Fit Life Goals. My workshops have a transformational impact on participants, whether they are staff members at businesses, start-ups, and nonprofits, or individuals from associations, unions, or informal groups. They can be tailored to your audience and presented as a: A) 90-120 minute interactive workshop B) 30-60 minute motivational presentation (in person or by Webinar/Teleconference) C) 10-20 minute short talk or a “lunch and

I have decided to offer webinars, other workshops and group coaching. Unlike other webinars which can be large, impersonal, and overwhelming, the enrollment to these courses will be limited to allow for a more personalized experience. I'll review the contents of online workshop and offer "real life" applications for each of the exercises provided. Prior to the webinar, I will invite attendees to share experiences from their own lives. Together, we'll work through these situations using the techniques provided in my workshops. In addition, you will have an opportunity to share your questions and experiences with me and a small group.


IQ, education and commitment are not enough. Leaders at all levels of the organisation need training to develop ways of acting and thinking that will result in the growth and learning of their staff.

We deliver training that is:

  • Backed up by years of senior management experience

  • Based on study and research

  • Enjoyable, memorable and provocative

Modules available include:

  • Discovering your leadership style. A one day programme that identifies what works for you as a leader, and why.

  • Leading a team. The essentials of establishing, leading and developing your team

  • Systems thinking. How to plan and lead in a complex, unpredictable environment

  • Managing your personal development. How to take control of your development

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