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Life Unleashed £10

"Transform Your Life Into Change

And Choose Your Destiny Yourself Or Get Stuck in a Destiny

Chosen for You"

Osazee Will Omoregie


As you unleash your life to discover more about mankind and improve yourself in your life journey with the concept and insights of this book, you will undergo a drastic transformation in your life activities and a change of your mind-set about life in general, like having a new concept and views about life with a broader understanding for human differences and through the context of humanity as one people with the same historical background and enable you to embrace the spirit of unity and peaceful co-existence in diversity in a complex world and also a transformational process of change by being at peace with yourself and others in order to achieve a peaceful, successful and healthy life journey.

The Missing Roots_edited.jpg

The Missing Roots £15


“Our Visions and Dreams

of Achieving a

 Peaceful and Safe Community 


Depends On Choices 

We Make Today”

Osazee Will Omoregie

Motivated. Transformed. Fulfilled

A Successful Life transformational insights and strategies of "The Missing Roots" is designed to transform and motivate every strong ethnic and nonethnic person to achieve a better and successful lifestyle in life by taking the right path in life and become a success and an achiever in their lives journey, achieving a balance platform for every strong person to be able to have the ability to develop and better their lives and also add positive  values to their community through personal improvement and for the common good of the communities. 

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