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WR Empowering WillPower-Fit Life Progression Services 

 Authentic Leadership|Willpower Progression Coaching Can Help…

  • If you are facing a specific leadership challenges or need a change

  • If you are facing business leadership executive stress & derailment

  • If you want to develop your government leadership skills &  your personal skills

  • If you want to develop positive habit & overcome your obstacles and become a new you

  • If You are wishing to work-perform more effectively and successfully in your leadership

  • If You  want to achieve a goal as a leader that you are struggling with on your own

  • If You want more from leadership life but not sure how to get it

  • If You are starting or running a business and need a confidential guide to help you focus on priorities

  • Are you really ready to learn the structure that will change your life forever? 

  • Do you want to learn more about using The Law of Attraction to live in ease and flow and consistently bringing you the people, circumstances and opportunities you need?

  • Imagine creating a Magical Mindset, feeling in control of your emotions, your mental state and building a better way of  life. 

  • Learn how to listen to your Inner Guidance for the fastest route to everything you want.

  • Understand clearing blocks and resistance towards the things you want.   

  • Design a lifestyle you truly deserve and be the best version of YOU in it. 

  • This platform goes way above the books and webinars, learn how to truly reshape your current reality and change your circumstances. 

WillPower-Fit Personal Coaching

  • Achieving exceptional and effective leadership strategies

  • Achieving higher performance & maximum satisfaction in your personal & leadership role

  • Achieving an excellent performance in your leadership & personal life

  • Change from a procrastinating  habit to a better and successful you

  • Achieving leadership success in 10 steps & Transforming your life into positive change

  • Achieving leadership positive energy & Deriving happiness at  your work-place

  • Achieving control over your leadership style through Self-Esteem  & Confidence building

  • Achieving your leadership values and goals in life by overcoming your roadblocks and Maximising your Leadership Potentials in life

  • Leadership Financial Literacy|Finding a balance in your Financial stress & Financial commitment|Leadership Team Confidence building

  • Leadership Team Capacity Building|Self-Worth/Esteem Leadership Capacity Building|Self-Belief Leadership Capacity Building|Taking Ownership of your Leadership lifestyle

WillPower-Fit Leadership Coaching for Private & Public Sectors

  • WillPower-Fit  Leadership Development 

  •  Strategies Development for successful businesses & starts up businesses

  • New business help and small business Development coaching

  •  Training for Personal & Professional willpower strength growth 

  • Commitment, Creativity, Responsibility, Self-Motivation techniques-Limiting Beliefs, Retention, Delegation & Business review Strategies

Leaders in every organisations are struggling to keep up with the challenges of leading their teams and organisations successfully in a challenging world. It is also important for them to keep on developing themselves in order to be effective in their leadership roles.  Executive Coaching is a process whereby leaders redefine and strategise effective skills that are critical to be successful in their leadership roles in the organisation whereby behavioural change and business challenges are overcome with outstanding results with relevant and effective leadership tools and practical techniques.


WillPower-Fit Leadership Development:

Key business challenges that organisations faces everyday needs to be dealt with by identifying organisation and leadership development needs,  by creating action plans and managing individual progress by measuring their developments.

WillPower-Fit Leadership Strategies:

WR.Maximising Your WillPower-  Help in leaderships strategy development in leadership growth mindset, conflicts management, leadership team management during new skills and knowledge transitions in organisations.

WillPower-Fit Team Building:

The success of every organisation today in the face of an advanced technology and building capacity challenges depends on an effective leadership teamwork and team building in the organisation. It is very essential for leaders to remain focus on the importance of team capacity, in carrying everybody along in every decision making process, like  collective goal setting and building of trust and loyalty amongst the staffs and the organisation in order for everyone in the team to believe and have trust on the leadership and the organisation, which increase productivity and loyalty within the team. WR.Inc Leadership Solutions helps in with engagements of  interviews, surveys and data gathering that will be beneficially to the organisation in trust and loyalty building. 

WillPower-Fit Talent Development & Assessment:

In order for organisations to maximised their success today, there is need to have a system of leadership development in the organisation, like strategies to select and identify future leaders, that have strong leadership skills, inspirations, motivations and positive energy to drive the  business to success and also to have the ability to win the trust and loyalty of their team in order to be able to be an effective leader and team builder with team capacity collective efforts to achieve every mission in the organisation. Also provides strategies and tools to select and uncover the potentials and cultural fitness of outstanding future leaders across key industries in public and private sectors with different unique leadership demands in their various sectors.

WillPower-Fit Succession Planning:

We help in succession planning in leadership replacement because we are aware that every organisation that are competitive needs to have strategies and system to replace any vacant position in the organisation that is key to their success in long term goal. A strategy that helps to replace the right leader into right positions, at the right time and enabling smooth takes over with effective leadership transitioning of key positions in the organisation.

WillPower-Fit Trainings

WR. Inc. Leadership Solutions organise development programs and trainings that are tailored to solving clients needs suitable to preferences of our clients developmental progress on a long term goal.  


  • Good ideas are acknowledged and also improve  project delivery

  • Staff feels ownership & Improves team performance on delivering projects by sharing information and understanding

  • Reduced time spent on issues by concentrating on win/win outcomes

  • Overall effective project delivery & company live a vision

  • Conflict management & morale improvement & staff personal coaching




The first step is to book an intake  Session. This allows us to get to know each other better and decide if we think we’re a good fit to work together. My standard package consists of 6 face-to-face sessions and unlimited support between sessions. How quickly you use your sessions is completely up to you, although generally this takes 3-4 months.One to One Coaching is the core of my coaching business.  Sessions can be tailored to the client’s needs in both time and frequency. What are you getting as a client?

What it costs

My standard package costs £999. The unlimited support I offer between sessions isn’t offered by most coaches, and my clients find this invaluable, Multi-Booking, Life Coaching is an investment in your most precious resource, YOU! And it’s an investment that will benefit you through your entire life because you’ll have the tools and techniques to succeed time and time and time again… As for the financials, I begin with a standard pricing structure. If a client commits and pays the full amount for the 6, 9 or 12 week coaching program upon signing up– Book a block of x6 1-hour life coaching sessions, payment in advance and you’ll receive 10% off the normal total price.  Plus, all the benefits included in the one-off booking option and if you have support questions in-between life coaching sessions. 

Bespoke to your individual needs
Times to suit your calendar, and time-scale to suit you too
Discounts on multiple bookings

"The difference between what we do

and what we are capable of doing

would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems"


"In the end, only three things matter:

how you loved, how you live, and

how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you"


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