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I am an inspirational, entertaining, charismatic and thought-provoking motivational speaker.  WHEN there is a WILL. There is a WAY. I spend most of my exciting time talking to people and empowering them to take ownership of their lives and be in control of their destiny, when I am not doing that, I  am speaking at amazing events and inspiring and entertaining incredible audiences to be in the moment and forget about their worries and just have fun and a fantastic moment.  I  normally leave my audience with an unforgetable experience that is alway magical. People are very special to me, that is why I make sure that I am always connected to  my clients and my audience 

You will leave one of my talks?

  • Full of energy! And a determination to reach your goals!

  • Making steps to be happier in life!

  • In the mindset to achieve and succeed!

  • Being able to use the skills you already have to further your progress!


Why book me as your next motivational speaker?

My charismatic and honest approach to motivational speaking means that I am relatable. I am not the guy who has a crazy rag to riches story the audience can’t connect to – I am a normal guy with a connection to his vision, wanting you to do the same. And I will prove to you and your audience that anybody has the ability to get out of his or her ‘rut’ – they just need to have the tools in place to do so! I have these tools, and it’s my mission to share them with you and your audience.

Whilst there might be the occasional PowerPoint slide, there is absolutely no ‘presentation’ about what I do. I work with the audience, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones and allowing them to connect with their bigger purpose and passions. This means audience participation is a must for me – but not in an awkward way! My aim is always that everyone has fun as well as a few ‘aha’ moments! Working together with the audience, we can’t help but create massively high energy to the room. I am connected to the audience, the audience is connected to me – and to each other! It’s a special place to be, every time.

To book me for your next speaking slot or find out any further information then please contact me.

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